SCANETCHAIN 265 193 Nosotros vamos

SCANETCHAIN Co. Pte. Ltd. Scanetchain is the first commercial dApp developed for blockchain commercialization. Using augmented reality (AR) technology, Scanetchain digitally identifies all products, brands, and images around us both…

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Qlue 263 192 Nosotros vamos

Qlue Qlue is a gov-tech enterprise that works to improve the quality of urban life with a Smart City approach. We empower leaders in various sectors and industries in order…

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NTSYS 260 190 Nosotros vamos

NTSYS Introduction – NTSYS is a web standard and mobile specialized company that professionally builds and operates the development of next-generation webs, mobile webs, and applications based on standards such as…

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Manageon 263 192 Nosotros vamos

Manageon Manageon Inc. is a Power IT Venture. The company has a technology on Smart Grid and its solution to provide sustainable energy which opened in 2013. We implement a…

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Korea Smart Card (Tmoney)

Korea Smart Card (Tmoney) 263 189 Nosotros vamos

Korea Smart Card (Tmoney) Korea Smart Card Co., Ltd. (“KSCC”) was established in the year 2003 to implement and operate the unified fare collection system called “T-Money System.” With the…

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KBSYS 262 189 Nosotros vamos

KBSYS KBSYS creates the value of future content by providing solutions and publishing technology for innovation of the digital content industry in Enterprise, Safety, Entertainment, and Industrial business area. 1202,…

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IGB&Company 261 191 Nosotros vamos

IGB & Company IGB & Company We are a professional consulting company committed to providing ICT & Smart City consulting services to developing countries and industry clients. 33, Gukjegeumyung-ro 6-gil,…

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ICONLOOP 265 194 Nosotros vamos

ICONLOOP ICONLOOP, Inc. (formerly theloop) is a tech company, based in Seoul, South Korea, specialized in the implementation and design of blockchain technology. ICONLOOP targets both scalability and security to…

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Hancom 264 191 Nosotros vamos

Hancom Hancom Group is growing in all fields of the global IT market, covering not only IT itself but also the finance and manufacturing field, based on innovative convergence technologies…

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Haezoom Inc.

Haezoom Inc. 264 194 Nosotros vamos

Haezoom Inc. Haezoom is a company dedicated to resolving the risks and problems associated with renewable energy through IT and data solutions such as “solar maps” and “virtual power plants”.…

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