Citizen Engagement:
(Re)connection in the New Reality


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Video #1: Breakthrough
Created by: Joon Hyok Jo (Goyang)

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In the COVID-19 environment, a visitor’s body temperature are checked and collected information management has become more critical.  Therefore, how can we speed up the process? Goyang approached the challenge head-on and achieved the breakthrough by utilizing ICT. Hospital visitor contact information and automated temperature check can be performed at a one-stop kiosk. Therefore it is effective in preventing congestion and delay at the point of entrance.

Creado por: Dina Zalaltdinova (Milan)

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This video gives some insights about life of a local in Milan during COVID-19 era. Walking the streets of the city together with the author, the viewer has the opportunity to see that people living in Milan have to be even more precise about planning then before, which might be stressful. Nevertheless locals have adapted philosophical thinking and try to focus more on different aspects of life, which at the end of the day are sometimes even better than going out as they bring great self-satisfaction.

Video #3: New Normal – Adapting Changes in Our Real Life
Created by: Byung-Joo Rho (Seongnam)

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This video shows the changes in our real life caused by the recent outbreak of COVID 19. Definitely there was a huge challenge adapting our new life style at the beginning of the COVID 19 situation. However, the people in South Korea has been recognized the seriousness of this situation, and started to follow the government’s epidemics prevention measures to protect each other. I made this video to share how the people adapted their new life style, what has been changed, and to show the efforts made to overcome this COVID 19 situation.

Video #4: La nueva realidad
Created by: Olga Koroleva (Mexico City)

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Life has changed and it will no longer be the same. In this video I wanted to tell my personal story from the beginning of the global pandemic, about obstacles standing in my way about sadness and hopelessness about motivation and hope!!

Video #5: Education in a Pandemic
Created by: Earl Burgos (Londres)

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This short video offers a glimpse of student life during the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is shot through the lens of a student currently attending school in the United Kingdom, which is one of the countries greatly affected by the pandemic. It chronicles how a school and its students adapt in an unprecedented situation and how they are able to thrive through the help of technology.