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Implementado en 2009

Duración del proyecto: -

Fuente de financiamiento: Gobierno

An ambitious project was taken for an integration of systems in a central command room, dubbed the “Ubiquitous Integrated Center.” Four key areas are monitored by the control center: safety & crime prevention, traffic flow, disasters & calamities, and management of road & facilities.


  • El proyecto comenzó en 2009 bajo la jurisdicción del gobierno municipal y se implementó en seis fases con 66 intersecciones clave elegidas para el monitoreo de CCTV y 735 áreas para CCTV de prevención del delito.
  • A total of 5,249 high resolution CCTVs with various types of IoT functions such as license plate recognition and smoke detection were installed and can be remotely controlled in this control center via web. These were installed at high traffic intersections prone to accidents as well as public parks and secluded pedestrian walkways. Additionally, a safety assistant service app was developed, which allows women and young people to register a person they know as a guardian who can watch their route home over GPS and be aware in case the route has changed or if there are delays. Additionally, the user can press an emergency notification button to contact authorities at the control center who can dispatch response personnel.
  • A total of 77 schools and 54,160 students receive annual training in conjunction with the program which includes both safety and crime prevention training. Additionally, voluntary training sessions are open to all citizens, and over 10,575 citizens have taken part in crime and traffic accident safety training.


  • Después del primer año de implementación, las tasas de arrestos aumentaron en un 25.3% gracias al monitoreo de los CCTV. Ha habido un total de 1,266 arrestos realizados desde la implementación del centro en 2009.
  • The center has received multiple awards and over 2,200 domestic and international visitors visit the center annually to benchmark and learn about Anyang’s successful project.


Anyang Ubiquitous Integrated Center Brochure – archivo: /// C: /Users/user/Downloads/brochure_Anyang%20Brochure_English.pdf


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2011-2012 2.3 millones
2013 33.5 millones
2014 56.9 millones
2015 63 millones
2016 63.4 millones
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